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Meet the husband and wife team, Neil and Stephanie Ballard. Both born and raised on Vancouver Island. They currently reside in the Cowichan Valley with their children and dogs. 

After working for 3 different air duct cleaning companies in Greater Victoria, Neil quickly realized what the industry standard of "clean" and "good job" meant. He would come home each night feeling guilty about the work he was being instructed to do.  He wasn't give proper tools or equipment and was rarely give enough time to thoroughly complete jobs. He was often told "just clean what the customer can see". Neil couldn't stand this and knew he needed to do something about it. He knew he could raise the bar in the air duct cleaning industry and show Vancouver Island how it should be done. 

Due to medical reasons, Stephanie's career in childcare was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. She didn't have many options. They needed to figure out a plan and living off of Neil's income alone was not an option. One day, while on his lunch break, Neil called Stephanie and said "I know how we can start our own business and have a better life!" Within a month, Neil quit his job working as an air duct cleaner and Stephanie shut down her childcare. They got their home in Colwood ready, listed it for sale and in 8 days it sold! 

Neil and Stephanie packed up the house, the dogs and the kids and moved to their new home in the Cowichan Valley. With the money they saved by purchasing a home in the Cowichan Valley, they were able to start Clean Air Force! 

In less than 6 months, they moved cities, started their business from scratch and got married! 

It was a real whirlwind and was a lot of work but they did it! 

Fast forward to September 2023, five years later and they are thriving, happy and loving life! 


Established in 2018 by husband and wife Neil and Stephanie Ballard, Clean Air Force has become the trusted name in duct cleaning on Vancouver Island. Clean Air Force was founded because Neil and Stephanie saw the need for a quality duct cleaning company that's focus was on providing high quality service.

The industry standard for duct cleaning on Vancouver Island has sunk to a very low level of quality and service but it is time for that to change. Clean Air Force offers a level of clean that your homes lungs have never seen before. We take the time to do a thorough job, and create access where access must be created in order to do the job properly. We have been putting pressure on all of our competitors to either step it up and do a better job, or lose their clients to us!

Neil is WETT Certified and has been working in the industry for 10 years. With the combination of HVAC schooling and field experience, he has developed extensive knowledge in the trade. Staff turnover is a major problem in the air duct cleaning industry, it takes a couple of years to properly train a technician. Most companies can not keep employees for more than a year or two, so you always end up with a rookie doing the job. Neil has an extensive understanding of how air handling systems work. As an owner/operator you can trust that he has the experience to clean your air handling system properly without missing anything. 

In her 20's, Stephanie worked in Vancouver as a an Executive Assistant. After going through a lot of medical trauma in 2010 due to a surgery gone wrong, she was unable to work a 'regular' job. She opened up a licensed childcare facility in 2011. Stephanie closed down her childcare in 2018 and joined forces with her husband. With almost 20 years of business experience, Stephanie has a commitment to quality and first class customer service. You can always expect to be greeted with a "smile' when calling Clean Air Force, especially if Stephanie is the one who picks up the phone!

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