Add On Services

Anti-Microbial Treatment

We use our  fog machine to coat the inside of your air ducts, killing any bacteria or mold spores. If you have a heat pump we strongly recommend this treatment to fully sanitize your indoor coil. Benefect is plant based, safe for pets and children.

Coil Cleaning

In cases where a coil is too dirty to be cleaned with compressed air we will spend extra time cleaning it by hand and power washing it with coil cleaner.


Filter Replacement 

Let us know ahead of time what size filter you require and we will bring you a new one. We do also offer a cut to fit washable air filter.

 Dryer Vent Cleaning

We clean inside your dryers lint trap, clean and inspect the shielding over the heater element as well as clean the entire run of the vent from the exterior. 

 Chimney Sweep 

 Our WETT certified chimney technician will ensure that your fireplace is safe for the burning season. 

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