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Air Duct Cleaning

Serving Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo
and Surrounding Communities

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We use the industries most advanced tools and agitation devices to completely clean your system. All work is then inspected to verify cleanliness. We clean all air handling components of your system on every job. 

We offer flat rate prices with no commission sales. 

What Sets Clean Air Force Apart From Other Companies

You may ask yourself, “if there are no regulations or certification for air duct cleaning companies in Canada, how will I know which company to choose?”
Here is a list of questions you should ask before hiring an air duct cleaning company.


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Advanced Cleaning

We maximize suction by using cleaning zones and use the industries most advanced tools to scrub your ducts before compressed air cleaning them. We don’t just “blow and go”. We offer you a level of clean your homes lungs have never seen before.

No Hidden Fees

We offer a flat rate service that is all inclusive. The price we quote you before booking is going to be the price you pay when the job is finished.

No Cheap Equipment

We only use the industries most advanced agitation devices to ensure your system is fully clear of any contaminants. Our Hypervac runs off 220 power, it is the strongest portable system on the market today. Having the right tools really makes a difference.

No Rushed Jobs

How long did your last duct cleaning take? We will never take shortcuts or rush through a job just to get to the next one. A proper air duct cleaning takes time and attention to detail. We only clean a maximum of 2 houses per day to ensure the job is done properly.

Honesty and Integrity

Unlike other home cleaning services, you can't always see the areas we are cleaning. You are trusting us to do a thorough job and we take that seriously. We will explain our process to you and give you a true peace of mind service. We inspect all of our work and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How We're Soaring to New Heights

Did you know that there are currently no regulations or certification for air duct cleaners in Canada? There is no association for standards and training in Canada, to us this makes no sense at all. We would like to see that change one day, but for now we can only lead by example. We have set our standards for cleaning extremely high and we strive to raise the bar for the industry.

There is a certain level of trust between a customer and an air duct cleaning company. The customer can not see inside their duct system so they trust the company to do the job properly. Our job is to clean your entire system, therefore we will create more access points to ensure that your system is completely clear of contaminants. We take all steps necessary to keep your ducts under maximum negative pressure during cleaning. That is why we seal off your entire system and create ‘cleaning zones’ by splitting your system into smaller zones for more thorough cleaning.

 Basic compressed air cleaning has become the industry standard on Vancouver Island. While compressed air can do a good job at blowing the dust out of your vents, we are not satisfied with just good. We want to be great, and that is why we’ve set our standards above what the current industry offers. Our advanced cleaning using compressed air agitation devices, does a far superior job to just using air on its own. 

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This cleaning was done for a new construction build. Just because your home is brand new, doesn’t mean your air ducts are clean! They are most likely filled with post construction debris, including drywall dust which can be harmful to breathe.


“Clean Air Force only uses the industries leading technology. Our goal is to provide the best quality service on Vancouver Island and we are equipped to do so. ”

– Neil Ballard (Owner)

Cutting Edge Equipment

Over the years duct cleaning technologies have changed. No longer do you need a big dirty vacuum truck to achieve high levels of suction. Clairity uses the HyperVac Hybrid 220V duct cleaning vacuum, manufactured in Canada by HyperVac Technologies. No more leaving your door open and having huge hoses running through your whole house.

Our Vacuum creates over 5000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of suction pressure. A power vacuum truck is creating approximately the same CFM volume after the suction loss from the 100 feet of hose it takes to get from the truck to the furnace. Although we do run powerful gas powered air compressors from DV Systems (Made in Canada), the emissions from our van is very low compared to a large diesel power vacuum truck.

But don’t be fooled, not just any portable vacuum can compete with a duct truck. HyperVac runs off 220V power and out performs every other portable vacuum on the market.


When To Clean Your Air Ducts

New Construction

Even though the duct work is brand new, it is often filled with saw dust, drywall dust and other post construction debris. Before running your furnace and contaminating it with the debris, it is a good idea to have the air ducts cleaned first.

Just Moved Into a New Home?

The air ducts in your new home are probably still full of contaminants left by the previous occupants. Pet hair, skin follicles, dust, mold and other debris are most likely lurking below the floor boards of an older home. Make sure you get a fresh start in your new home and have the air ducts cleaned.

When You Get a New Furnace or HVAC System

It is very important to have clean air ducts when you get a new unit installed. The new unit will suck in all types of contaminants from the air ducts as soon as it is run for the first time. The installer or manufacturer may require the air ducts to be clean in order to warranty the unit.

Has it Been Two Years or Longer Since Your Last Cleaning?

We recommend that you clean your air ducts every two years. It is also a good idea to have your dryer vent cleaned at the same time.
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 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Improved Air Quality

Over time your duct work can become contaminated with dust, pollen, mold, pet hair and other contaminants. The longer you go in between cleanings the more contaminants will accumulate. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly will ensure that you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible.

Improved System Efficiency

Did you know that an excessive build-up of dust and debris can reduce your systems efficiency? Your furnace will run longer to achieve desired temperatures and the extra work load can be hard on the fan and bearings. Having a clean furnace can actually increase the lifespan of your unit, as well as lower your energy consumption. This is especially true in heat pumps and air conditioning units where the ultra-fine fins in the coil become clogged with dust.

Less House Work

Do you find yourself constantly dusting the house? Once you have clean air ducts you may find that you are spending less time dusting the house and more time relaxing in your clean home!

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