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Stratas, Townhomes, Condos

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Clean Air Force offers group discounts on air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeps for stratas, condos and townhomes.


We are fully insured and WCB registered.


We have all the proper safety gear and roof access equipment to properly clean your buildings vents or chimneys.

A Company That's Doing It Right


From the moment you receive a quote from us, you will see why we differ from other companies!

Clean Air Force has the experienced technicians that you can trust to take care of your group of homeowners.


Owner/Operator Neil Ballard, has been working with property managers and Stratas for many years on all sorts of jobs. We offer group discounts on dryer vent cleaning for Stratas, condominiums and townhomes. 

After 5 years in business Clean Air Force is becoming the trusted name for Strata dryer vent cleaning. Over the past 5 years we have discovered countless fire hazards that had previously never been addressed because the Strata had been using strictly an "exterior only" cleaning option. It has become industry standard practice on Vancouver Island for companies to clean dryer vents from the exterior only, to us this makes no sense. After all, dryers catch fire not dryer vents.

We realize that inside access can be hard to co-ordinate, and an exterior only cleaning option seems convenient, but it leaves your home and family at risk of a potential dangerous fire. We can accommodate schedules the best we can, we can even offer some weekends.

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Please call or email Neil & Stephanie 
for a free estimate.

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