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NANAIMO 250-585-7007

*We are able to perform work in some crawl spaces, in homes up to a maximum of 2500 SQFT. Please contact us for more information if your furnace and/or air ducts are located inside of a crawl space. We do not work in crawl spaces with a dirt floor or that have rodents/rodent feces.

To provide a quote we will require the following information:

Please copy and paste these questions, fill in the answers and email them to us.



What is the address of the home?

What is the appro
ximate square footage of the home serviced by the air handling system? Not including the garage or rooms which heated by baseboard/other heat sources.

Where is the furnace/air handler located? Basement, crawlspace, attic, closet, under the stairs, etc.

(If in a closet or tight space we will require photos to verify adequate accessibility)

* If the air handler or air ducts are in the crawlspace we will require the following information:

Is the access/entrance to the crawlspace inside or outside the home?

Approximately how far (in feet) from the crawlspace entrance is the air handler/furnace?

What is the approximate height of the crawlspace? (Additional charges may apply for very tight          spaces)

What type of floor is in the crawlspace? (Cement, Gravel, Dirt, Vapor Barrier)

Is the crawlspace in reasonably clean condition? (We do not work in extremely dirty crawlspaces, crawlspaces with dirt floors, or crawlspaces that have rodent activity)


Is there a secondary air handling system connected to your primary furnace/air handling system? Often times there will be an HRV system or "air exchanger" which ties in directly with the primary air handler. Please let us know if this applies to you.  

Is there any exposed metal ducting coming directly off the air handler unit or is all ducting enclosed in drywall? We need to verify there is enough exposed duct work to create adequate access points for cleaning. Photos are always helpful.

Is there access to a 220v outlet? (Electric Stove or Electric Dryer)
Our vacuum is very high powered and operates on 220v power. A stove or dryer outlet will work if it is easily accessible.

Where does the dryer vent exit? (ground level accessible, second story wall, single story roof, second story roof, etc.)

Are you experiencing any issues with your dryer/vent? (blockage, water in the vent, bird nest, dryer taking longer than normal)

*We do not offer WETT inspections, installs or repairs. We do not sweep heatilator/heatform fireplaces, non code compliant fireplaces/stoves, boilers, oil flues, wood furnaces or wood cookstoves)


Please let us know which of the following applies:

Wood Insert (must be equipped with a metal chimney liner) 
Factory Built Fireplace (non-masonry with metal chimney)
Free-Standing Wood Stove with a straight metal chimney going into the ceiling 
Free-Standing Wood Stove with a stove pipe that must be removed for cleaning 
Masonry Fireplace (must not be a heatilator) 

Is your roof difficult to access? (greater than 5/12 pitch, metal, shake, etc.)

Are you experiencing any issues with your chimney/fireplace?

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