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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Serving Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo.
Including all surrounding areas.

Clean Air Force provides expert cleaning of dryer vents. Group discounts available for town homes, condos and stratas. 


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Dryer Vent Cleaning Done Right

“I was surprised to find out how many companies are cleaning dryer vents, but not actually cleaning and inspecting the dryer itself. If a fire is going to start, it starts in the dryer not the vent.” – Neil Ballard (Owner)

You may not realize it, but clothes dryers catch fire more often than you think. Lint is one of the most flammable and dangerous substances in your home. Every load of laundry that you dry, creates lint. The lint trap only does so much to trap the lint from entering the vent.

At Clean Air Force, we take your safety seriously. Not only do we have expert technicians to clean your dryer vent, but we also clean out the lint trap inside your dryer and inspect the transition hose. If a fire is going to happen, it will start in your dryer and then spread to the vent. Many companies offer dryer vent cleaning but do not clean the lint trap or check the transition hose. In this case, you are still at risk of having a fire.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

FAQ's About Dryer Vents

How do I know if my dryer needs cleaning?

  • If it’s been more than 2 years.

  • If it’s taking a longer than usual to dry.

  • If you notice excess moisture build up in your laundry room.

  • If you notice lint build-up around the exterior of the vent.


How often does my dryer require cleaning?

Typically, every 2 years should be sufficient but some vents may require annual cleaning. It depends on the dryer and the orientation of the vent. Some dryers have large elements that tend to trap a lot of lint. If your vent is long or has multiple bends, it will require more frequent cleaning.

Will my dryer work better after cleaning?

If it has been a while since your last cleaning, then it could make a big difference. All that extra lint that is blocking your vent is slowing down your dryer. Not only will your clothes dry faster but you will save money.

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