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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Clean Air Force offers small scale commercial air duct cleaning services for heat pumps (split system and package), HRV systems, air make up units, exhaust fans, and cyclone systems.


Benefits To Your Business

Keep Your Staff Healthy:

Airborne contaminants can play a major role of respiratory problems in your employees. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned will keep your staff happier, healthier and could potentially save you money in the long run.

Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs

Keeping your HVAC system’s coils clean, will reduce the cost of operating the equipment. The air handler will have to run for less time to achieve the desired temperature.

Customer Perspective

Having dirty air duct registers can be an eyesore for customers, especially if you are operating a business in the food industry. Not sure if your office or business vents need cleaning? Look up!

Commercial Work We Have Completed

 Cleaning of two roof top package heat pump units and all associated duct work.

oceanside optometry1.jpg
oceanside optometry2.jpg

Rooftop package heat pump unit.

Hooking up our 220V Hypervac to the main supply duct. 

oceanside optometry3.jpg

Cleaning the supply branches.

oceanside optometry4.jpg

Cleaning the main supply duct.

oceanside optometry5.jpg

Cleaning the riser duct that connects to the roof.

oceanside optometry6.jpg

Using agitation devices to remove dust from the return air box.

oceanside optometry7.jpg

Cleaning and inspection the evaporator coil.

oceanside optometry8.jpg

Installing new filters for both units.


Cleaning the duct work for a cyclone exhaust system.

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