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Is Life Normal Yet? April 1, 2022

Let me tell you, running a small business during the covid pandemic has been challenging. I know so many people are in the same boat as Neil and I, or sadly worse off. These past couple of years have been hard for so many.

We feel very fortunate that our business has survived. With only opening in 2018, we are still considered a very new business. Clean Air Force has not had much time to build up a good, solid customer list. Thanks to covid, that treasured list has been growing very slowly but, at least it has been growing!

Over the past month, business seems to be picking up as more and more people are feeling comfortable opening up their homes to workers. Not only has the fear of being exposed to covid caused business to slow, it's also a financially trying time for so many. Paying for things like air duct cleaning isn't always at the top of the priority list.

Being a young family with growing kids, we understand what so many others have been going through. Trust me when I say this, things WILL get better soon. I am confident that we will soon see our country improve. As corny as this may sound, to me it feels like the world is a flower that is slowly beginning to bloom again.

Hang in there, be kind and remember to support others when you can!

~ Stephanie

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